Princess Alice in My Favourite Teacher

Princess Alice is a great student who is suddenly having difficulty in her college English class. It is not the subject matter that is slowing her down. Rather, it is her handsome professor. During class, she can’t keep her eyes off of him. When she is away from campus, she can’t stop thinking about him. After weeks of yearning, she gets up the courage to approach him to see if he is interested. She is crushed when he completely ignores her obvious flirting. Not to be discouraged, she decides that she is just too innocent looking for him. Slipping into a pink lingerie set that is see-through and leaves her ass out in the open, she tries again. He can’t ignore her this time. Even if he wanted to resist, his cock gives it away. It is stiff and poking out of his pants in no time. That’s what Alice wanted and she wasted no time getting it into her hungry mouth. Now that she doesn’t look so innocent, he is happy to bend her over his desk and fuck her hard. Alice loves the way he takes charge and finally gets to act on her crush after waiting for so long. The professor loves her new look and fucks her as hard as he can. Putting her on her knees, she punishes her from behind with deep strokes. She can tell he is getting close to finishing and wants to complete her slutty transformation. He can’t believe it when sweet Alice begs him to cum in her mouth. It is unexpected, but he happily feeds her a big load and invites her back the next day for more of the same. (Video duration: 42:09)

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