Princess Alice in Princess Alice For OnlyTarts

Fresh from a day at the school, Princess Alice returns back home just to find herself facing a daunting pile of homework. Not to say that she likes to procrastinate, but today was a particularly grueling day. So, with a passionate glint in her eye, Alice decides to take a little rest from studying and succumbs to the call of her own lust. Textbooks and assignments are forgotten as soon as she starts to gently stroke her tits and thighs. Feeling the warmth inside getting hotter, she gradually takes off her clothes and underwear. Now, having completely exposed her tits and pussy, Princess Alice takes a more comfortable position just to start frantically squeezing her nipples and rubbing her swollen clitoris. Feeling that her snatch is already all wet, she decides to take her pleasure to a new level and carefully sticks one finger just to stretch it a bit and then slides another one, not forgetting to stimulate her throbbing clit and G-spot. Pulling her fingers out and sticking it back in over and over again, Princess can’t hold her moans any longer, so her tender lips part, and she starts to whimper with the orgasmic pressure building up inside of her. It won’t take long as her entire body starts to shake, and this sweet teen let out a loud scream of pleasure as her delicious twat got creamed with juices. Indeed, sometimes, an orgasm is the best way to get in the right mood for studying. (Video duration: 15:54)

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