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It’s the last weekend of summer before college classes start again. Sirena Milano has decided to make the most of her final few hours of freedom by enjoying the warm sun. As she sits by the pool in her stunningly skimpy pink bathing suit, her mind wanders to all the fun she has had since classes ended. Being home in her small town has been fun. When she left for college, everyone saw her as sweet and innocent, but she learned some new tricks on campus. It has been a busy few months with lots of hunky guys and big juicy cocks for her horny holes. The hot memories start to make her horny. At first, she thinks about going inside to masturbate in the shower or bed. Why wait? No one is around. She has the place to herself. Why not get off right here in the warm sunshine? Getting on her knees on the chair, she feels the heat all over her back and ass, caressing her every inch. Looking down she can see her nipples poking out through her thin bathing suit. Sirena pulls them out, pinching them in her fingers and feeling the waves of pleasure pulse between her legs. She thinks about the handsome guy she brought back home a few weeks ago and how he fucked her with his big cock while her parents were sleeping upstairs. Her pussy is on fire thinking of that night and her fingers explore her body until they find a home in her horny hole. They slide in easily as she gets wetter by the second. Making herself cum is always fun, but doing it out in the open while thinking of what a slut she has been all summer drives her completely wild. (Video duration: 13:12)

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