Liz Ocean in The Shameless

Liz Ocean is very excited. Tonight she is going to her first college party. After years of being shy and studious, she has decided that it is time to break loose. She has a very special outfit picked out for the event. Her over-protective parents would never let her leave the house in something so slutty, but they are out for the evening. She loves the way the short pink skirt hugs her hips and the fishnet stockings feel wonderful on her long legs. As she is just about to leave, her stepbrother catches her and sees her dressed like this for the first time. She doesn’t want him to tell their parents and can tell by the look in his eye that he might keep her secret if she lets him act on his forbidden lust. He takes her right to the bedroom and licks her holes the way no one ever has. He rolls her over and makes her grab her heels while he fucks her pretty face. If her outfit brings out this side of her own stepbrother, she can imagine what the boys at the party will think. That thought makes her pussy so wet that his big cock slides right in from behind. She has never had such aggressive and passionate sex in her life and likes the way he tosses her around on her bed. He pulls out and cums all over her face. This is just the kind of fucking she was hoping to get at the party. After getting cleaned up, it is exactly the kind of fucking she is still going to get at the party, but it is nice to know she can always get it at home. (Video duration: 44:10)

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