Kama Oxi in Welcome To The Candy Shop

Kama Oxi has been slowly building her social media following. She specializes in making the most beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts in town. Her following is growing, but she feels it may have stalled. In order to encourage new followers she decides on a series of new photos. Kama enlists the help of her stepbrother to take them. They fit her wholesome image and focus on her wonderful creations. When he is finished, she asks him to leave so she can take some selfies and that she is too shy and self-conscious to take them with him watching. In truth, she is going to really spice things up by changing into a very revealing outfit, shedding her good girl image, and giving fans some naughty content. Dressed in a little pink outfit complete with fishnet stockings and huge heels, she is busy posing when her curious stepbrother comes back in and sees her. He has never seen her this way and can’t hide how turned on he is. Kama is desperate for him to keep her secret and offers to let him do anything he wants to her if he promises not to tell. He jumps at this offer and gives it between her legs for a taste of the sweet treat he has been craving. She is pleasantly surprised by how big his dick is and how good it feels when he slides it into her. He loves her new image and attitude, but mostly he loves his pretty stepsister’s tight pussy. Wanting to give her some good content, he pulls out and shoots his load all over her face. Now she is iced just as well as her cakes. Kama isn’t sure if this will help her confectionary career, but she knows it will bring her new horny followers. (Video duration: 61:41)

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