Liz Ocean in Liz Ocean For OnlyTarts

Liz Ocean has been frustrated lately. She takes her studies very seriously which leaves her no time for any sort of romantic relationship. That also leaves her with no sexual outlet other than to stay home and masturbate. Normally that is just fine, but lately, she has found herself in a rut. Touching herself, using toys, fantasizing, and even watching all different types of porn just isn’t doing it anymore. She has become bored with masturbating and that makes her wonder if she is bored with herself. On the verge of just going on a hook-up app for a quick fuck, she speaks with her therapist about it. Rather than risk a chance encounter with a stranger, the doctor recommends mixing things up a bit. She suggests buying a sexy outfit, doing her makeup, and getting herself ready just like she would if she wanted to pick up a lover, and then take care of herself. It seems like a silly idea, but Liz does as instructed. She goes shopping for a cute little pink outfit with a tiny top, a short skirt, fishnet stockings, and a little leather collar. Liz does her make-up heavier than usual and puts her hair in pigtails. She is shocked to find that dressing this way makes her feel more in the mood than she has been in months. Being a bad girl is fun and bad girls get punished. She spanks herself and gets her fingers deep into her pussy. She is feeling it again, getting herself off with more intensity than in a very long time. This is a lot better than banging a stranger and she plans to take herself shopping again soon. (Video duration: 13:15)

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