Zazie Skymm and Candie Luciani in Zazie Skymm And Candie Luciani For OnlyTarts

Zazie Skymm has something very special to share with her best friend Candie Luciani. They have been close for years and have always been good girls. Recently Zazie has been very secretive and seems to be more confident. She brings Candie into her bedroom and shows her something very special. Recently she has been dating a guy behind Candie’s back. This new guy has shown her that sometimes being bad is more fun than being good. It starts with sexy outfits and makeup. Zazie is wearing heels, fishnet stockings, a see through top and a collar with leash. She tells her that she also has a special new outfit picked out for her. Shocked by her friend looking so slutty, Candie is quite intrigued. Zazie wants to dress her best friend up in a new hot outfit and play with her until her boyfriend comes over to share them. Lesbian sex? A three-way? Totally unexpected, but kissing Zazie turns her on so much. A tongue on her pussy is a new feeling for the innocent young brunette, but she wants her friend to keep going. She finds herself drawn to the new look blonde and wants to get her first taste of another woman. Eating Zazie is more fun than she ever could have thought. Is she really going to go through with this? Is she going to keep eating pussy until she tastes cum? Is she going to share a cock with her best friend? It would have been unthinkable yesterday, but now it feels right. She can’t wait to get dressed in her new slutty clothes and help Zazie please her boyfriend. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Zazie Skymm and Candie Luciani. (Video duration: 19:00)

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