Kate Quinn in Kate Quinn For OnlyTarts

Kate Quinn has always been what people would describe as a “good girl.” An excellent student, she is always at the top of her class. She is involved in public service organizations and is far too busy for a social life. Kate always dresses in a manner befitting such a serious and modest young woman. The idea of wearing anything provocative never even crossed her mind. Not until one afternoon when she was house-sitting for her neighbors. Alone in the home, she came across a box of clothes that made her quite curious. She had never seen such outfits and couldn’t imagine the conservative woman of the house wearing anything like this, but somehow she couldn’t resist the urge to try them. Choosing a hot pink set of stockings and a matching top with -String, Kate begins her unlikely transformation. She loves the feel of the sheer fabric on her smooth skin and the bright colors make her smile. Anyone who knew Kate would never imagine she would wear such slutty clothes. She takes some selfies, loving the way her nipples get hard and poke through the fabric of the see-through top. Somehow the clothes make her feel different, more mature, and most of all, turned on. In addition to the clothes, she finds a dildo in the box. She knows she shouldn’t, but she can’t help but slip it inside of her innocent, wet hole. The vibrations drive her crazy as she feels things she has never felt before. She can’t help but think of how shocked her friends and family would be to see her dressed this way. By the time she finishes cumming, Kate wonders if it might be time to add some slutty clothes to her conservative wardrobe. (Video duration: 20:23)

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