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Leana Lovings is tired of being a good girl. No one in her hometown sees her as anything other than the perfect daughter, an honor student. She wants to break out and do something wild. Her best friend suggests they hit a party together and gives Leana an outfit to wear. Something that will completely shock everyone and show them a completely different side to Leana. Slipping out of her boring clothes, she can feel herself blush as the new outfit hugs her body and exposes a lot of flesh. She can imagine the looks she will get walking into the party. The boys have never seen this much of her body. Will they stare? Will they want to dance with her? Will they want to take her into a bedroom and fuck her? Just thinking about it makes her horny. She touches her pussy and finds it wet. Just the thought of being bad is making her clit throb. It drives her wild thinking of how many guys would want her in this new outfit. Even though she would never act on these fantasies, she just has to rub herself and think of taking three or four of them at a time. Her fingers pump deep into her tight pussy and she can hear the wet squishing as she gets closer to climax. Dressing like this is naughty and she loves feeling like a bad girl for a change. Her mind focuses on the boy she has a crush on and how his cock will feel later when he fucks her for the first time. (Video duration: 11:42)

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