Zazie Skymm and Candie Luciani in She Is A Dessert

Candie Luciani is joining her friend Zazie Skymm and her boyfriend for dinner. The couple has asked her over to show off their new apartment. They talk and laugh while enjoying the food and small talk. Zazie and her man excuse themselves and return moments later completely naked. She isn’t sure what to do, but the couple sits back down and continues to eat. Getting used to dining naked, Candie is intrigued. Zazie invites her into the bedroom where she helps her strip and outfits her in a leather collar and garters before they call him into the bedroom. He is happy to see how good their guest looks stripped naked. They are ready to take things to the next level. He climbs into bed, bringing with him a hard cock that is bigger than Candie has ever seen. She watches Zazie put it in her mouth and suck it deep into her throat. Taking her turn, Candie tastes her friend’s husband’s cock and is shocked to feel a hand on the back of her head as she gets help taking that big thing nice and deep. Keeping up with dinner-time etiquette, the horny couple makes sure to serve their guest first. Candie appreciates their hospitality and loves the feel of his big dick slamming into her horny pussy while her pretty friend rides her face. She has never been with two people at once and they are quite skilled at keeping her busy, pleased, and in a constant state of ecstasy. His big cock fills them both while the girls let their tongues wander from stiff nipples to throbbing clits and bouncing balls. For dessert, he blasts a huge load of cream all over both of their pretty faces. Dinner was awesome and now Candie can’t wait to see what her friends serve for breakfast. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Zazie Skymm and Candie Luciani. (Video duration: 51:13)

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