Rika Fane in The Real Me

Rika Fane and her stepbrother have a close relationship. Her mother and his father married years ago and are a perfect match. They are both hard-working and very religious, keeping Rika and her stepbrother sheltered from the outside world. Long after Rika’s friends have become interested in going out clubbing, she spends her weekends at home with her stepbrother. All he ever wants to do is sit in front of the screen playing video games. Rika tries to explain to her stepbrother that she has been hiding a secret from everyone and that she is a very different person than the one people see. He is not sure what she means so she decides to show him. She tells him to wait for her while she goes into her bedroom. Changing from her normal clothes into a pink fishnet outfit with matching heels, she does her hair in pigtails and applies make-up so thick that she looks like a star in a taboo porn scene. He leaves the room but comes back moments later with a ball gag. This whole time, her stepbrother was hiding a dirty secret of his own. If his stepsister is going to dress like a slut, he is more than happy to fuck her like one. He takes out his cock and orders her to grab her heels and hold in tight while he fucks her face. This is exactly what she needed and her pussy is on fire with new desires. His big dick fills her with every thrust and she can’t believe that the answer to her secret lust was right here at home the whole time. Well fucked for the first time in her life, there is only one thing left to do. She strokes his dick until he explodes all over her pretty face. As long as he promises to keep her secret, she promises to let him fuck her like a slut any time he wants. (Video duration: 55:22)

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