Ashley Adams in Swipe The Slate Clean, Part One

Tired of the dating scene, Ashley Adams turns to her friend for advice on dealing with the bullshit. Why is it that every guy thinks she wants a relationship when all she wants is some hot sex-with a guy who’s more than just an empty head? Is that really too much to ask for? Someone fun to hang out with who can also make her moan? No, says her friend who tells her about this hot new dating app. Sure, the app has its share of loser dudes with no game and lame dicks, but Ashley is determined to take the risk and swipe the slate clean. Especially, if it means possibly meeting a guy who can make her laugh and dick her down right. She’s swiping right on fun and is up for anyone, so long as they have hard abs, witty banter, and all the moves to make her drip. Could Xander have the dick she needs?

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