Molly Mae and Parker Swayze in Good Molly

On a gloomy day, Molly Mae is daydreaming about her fun times when she used to be a cheerleader. She has especially fond memories of her coach, Ms. Parker Swayze. It seems they had a closer relationship than usual. As Molly remembers the good times, she becomes aroused and starts to slowly caress herself. She peels the jeans off her sexy slim body and rubs her pussy thinking about Ms. Swayze’s big tits and thick ass. As her arousal increases, suddenly Ms. Swayze appears, and the two engage in a flurry of lesbian sexuality. They take turns licking each other’s clits, rubbing pussy lips, fingering each other’s holes, licking asses, and rubbing their wet pussies together until each of them explodes into multiple orgasms. As she calms down, Molly regains her senses and lays back to relax in the blissful post orgasmic haze.

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