Angie Lynx and Nelly Kent in Intensely Delightful

Gracefully walking towards their home with hands on each other’s immaculate waists, the two hot babes exude an allure that neither one of them can’t ignore. Inside their humble abode, Nelly Kent and Angie Lynx instantly lock lips, savoring the burning passion igniting in their sexy bodies. Moving over the couch, the sexy duo shows how much they love each other’s stunningly delicate feet. The blonde vixen boosts the black-haired babe’s confidence, giving her the sensual recognition she deserves that her man can’t give. Removing her black strappy high heels, Angie looks at Nelly’s feet with such pleasure in her tantalizing blue eyes. Love Her Boobs video starring Angie Lynx and Nelly Kent. (Video duration: 29:56)

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