Lucy Mendez in Join My Summer Ride

Lucy Mendez VR has been waiting for the perfect time to seduce her sexy stepfather. Her hard working mother is always away on business and she knows that he is neglected and horny. Lucy has also caught him checking her out on occasion and thinks he might be open to some taboo play time. Slipping into her tightest shorts, she gets on her bike and slowly rides by the chair where her step father is sitting. He is just getting some sun and catching up on his reading, but he can’t help but notice the way she looks with her cheeks hanging out. Once she has his attention, she stops the bike and gives him a long look at her firm young ass. It seems he likes what he sees. Perhaps he would like to see more. Her step father seems nervous, but he doesn’t stop her as she dismounts and flashes her perky tits. She loves the look in his eyes and continues getting naked, soaking up the attention and loving how forbidden it is. Since he was really checking out her ass, she takes her time bending over for him before peeling off her shorts. She asks him if she has the best ass he has ever seen and his silent stare and bulging shorts are all the answer she needs. Her pussy is soaking wet as he watches her and rubs himself through his shorts. Lucy isn’t sure how far things will go, but is happy to get her fingers onto her clit and feel the waves of pleasure course through her body. When he invites her to take things inside, she can’t help herself and cums all over her own fingers. This day in the sun is about to get even hotter. (Video duration: 11 min)

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