Mell Blanco in Wanna See My Outfit?

One day you are sitting at home, playing video games, minding your own business when you hear someone enter the room. You look up, expecting to see your younger step sister interrupting your fun. Instead, it is her friend Mell Blanco (a.k.a. Mells Blanco) VR and what she is wearing makes your jaw drop. The nineteen year old is wearing an ultra-tiny bikini with furry kitten paws and ears. It is cute and sexy, just the kind of thing you secretly love to watch on the internet. How did she know? You know that Mells has a boyfriend and are nervous to see her this way. She smiles at you and tells you that has seen your VR porn history and knows you have a crush on her. No need to worry. She isn’t going to tell anyone, especially her boring boyfriend. He would never want to see her dressed up like this. That is why she bought it for you. Two conditions though. First, you can’t tell anyone about it. Second, no touching. She wants to play for you, but isn’t going to cheat on her man. Before you even have time to consider turning her down, she gets on her knees and starts to wiggle her cute ass for you. Watching her makes you hard and you wonder if it’s OK to touch your cock. She quickly gives you the answer, encouraging you to take it out and play with it while she watches. Her legs spread and her fingers slide between her wet lips as she sees you start to pump. You can’t help but be jealous of her boyfriend as she rubs that tight little pussy. She stares right at your cock and screams out that she is cumming. Try as you might, you can’t hold out and join her. You can’t wait until your step sister has her over again. (Video duration: 9 min)

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