Kate Quinn and May Thai with Christy White in Kitsune's Love Illusion

The story is based on a Japanese legend about the Kitsune,a mysterious and shapeshifting creature that has the ability to seduce men,leading to their demise if they fall in love with her.May Thai, a Kitsune who has been outcast by her own kind after revealingher sexual orientation as a lesbian, sets out on a quest to find true love.She encounters Kate, a young college student deeply enamored with Japanese language and culture,aspiring to become a Japanese language teacher.Their friendship blossoms after May Thai appears to Kate Quinn in ghostly form.Meanwhile, Kate’s stepsister, Christy, becomes suspicious of Kate’s behavior,believing she may be acting irrationally.Unbeknownst to Christy White, it is May Thai’s influence that has been sparking these changes in Kate.As tension brews between the stepsisters, Christy experiences a haunting fantasy where May Thai seduces her.In the night, Christy confides in Kate about the bizarre fantasy, only to have May Thai suddenly reappear,attempting to seduce both sisters. The story unfolds as the supernaturalpowers of the Kitsune lead the characters into a complex web of desire, love triangles, and conflict. MixedX video starring Kate Quinn, May Thai and Christy White. (Video duration: 36:35)

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