River Lynn and Jill Taylor in A Remedy for Spring Break Heart Break

It’s spring break, and River and Jill just want to hang out with their stepbrother, Celtic. He’s been down in the dumps ever since his breakup, and it doesn’t seem like anything can lift his spirits. River and Jill are concerned and try to console him, but he just misses his ex. They come up with a wild and kinky solution – they both kind of look like his ex, so what if he could mess around with them? The girls get to work and rub sunscreen on each other’s tits. Things get steamy quickly, and River eats Jill’s pussy. Celtic can’t help but jerk off watching this. The girls want him to join in on the fun and put his cock to work. Celtic fucks his beloved stepsisters hard, and he can feel his heartbreak melting away. Their pussies were the cure the entire time! He pumps both babes with his throbbing cock. This freaky sex sesh is taboo, but it’s too fun and fucked for any of the stepsiblings to care. Celtic cums so that both girls get some jizz. The girls eagerly suck Celtic’s dick, trying to get every drop of cum they can. TeamSkeet video starring River Lynn and Jill Taylor.

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