Chloe Rose in Guided by Chocolate

Chloe wants to be a star more than anything else in the world. She dreams of people fawning over her, and she wants to stand at the top of the world as a loved and revered sex icon. She’ll need help to get there, though, and no one knows the industry better than Chocolate God. When Chloe gets an offer from Chocolate to learn from him, she jumps at the opportunity and places herself under his wing. Chocolate thinks Chloe has what it takes to go all the way, but if she wants to rise to stardom, she’ll need to do everything he says. Chocolate starts out by getting Chloe nice lingerie. The stunning blonde shows off her body for the first time, letting Chocolate take in the wondrous sight. Next, Chloe must show Chocolate that she can please a man sexually. She gets right to work and fits his big black cock in her mouth. She gasps for air Chocolate fucks her throat relentlessly – his cock is massive, and it barely fits in Chloe’s mouth. But she wants fame and will champion any cock necessary to make her dreams come true. When Chocolate is satisfied with his blowjob, he moves on to Chloe’s pussy. He stretches her out to her limits, filling her pussy up and pounding her hard. Chocolate coats Chloe’s sweet face with a massive load of cum, and she lets her tongue hang out freely to catch every drop she can. TeamSkeet video starring Chloe Rose.

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