Ada Lapiedra in Let Me Spice You Up

You have been with Ada Lapiedra VR for quite a while now. Things are good. You get along well, have a lot in common and have a good sex life. Good, but lately, not great. Something has just faded a bit. Lucky for you, Ada does not accept the idea that the sexual spark needs to fade and has an idea to spice things up. She goes shopping and comes home with a very special outfit. Waiting for the right time, she has you sit down and comes out to model it for you. The top is very revealing, but you can’t take your eyes off of the bottoms. The cut of the panties is so high on her hips that her asscheeks are falling out. She can see you focused on her ass so she bends over slowly, wiggling her hips and giving you a good long look. This was just supposed to be a tease to get a spark going, but she can see you getting hard in your pants. She turns over and spreads her legs, giving you a perfect view of her sweet wet pussy. You want to see her touch it, don’t you? She wants to see you touch yourself at the same time. It seems like a good idea, especially when Ada spreads her lips and starts rubbing her fingers up and down her sweet slit. The faster your hand moves on your cock, the wetter she gets. Her fingers dip inside and she can feel her clit throb. This was supposed to bring the spark back and it is already working like a charm. (Video duration: 11 min)

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