Ada Lapiedra in For The Portfolio

Ada Lapiedra VR has one dream in life, to be a famous fashion model. She has done the work, learned how to dress, how to do her makeup, and how to walk in impossible heels. What she needs now is a really good portfolio. She has a good start but is missing lingerie shots that seem to be a requirement whenever she goes on a call. She decides that her stepbrother is the best person to help her with these shots. Surely you can take the photos without perving out. You shock her by starting to shoot before she gets changed. She makes you promise to delete the nude shots and finishes getting dressed so that you may begin. After just a few shots, she notices that there is a bulge growing in your pants. You can’t be getting turned on by her. You’re her stepbrother. You have her turn away from the camera to take some shots from behind and when she spins back around, Ada sees that your cock is out and that it is rock hard. It seems that you too is unable to resist being a pervert when she is half-naked. At least you are handsome and have a big cock. Shocked by your size and flattered by your clear desire, she decides to go with the flow and suck that big dick. A few seconds after tasting you, she realizes that she really wants to feel you in her pussy. Turning you on was not what she expected, but now it is all she can think of. In this VR porn episode, you slide easily into her wet pussy and give her long hard strokes that push her right over the edge. When you get close, she gets down on her knees and gets a big surprise when you shoot a massive load all over her face. The photos didn’t get done, but all she wants now is a second fuck from her stepbrother’s big cock. (Video duration: 39 min)

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