Octokuro in Foot-tastic Distraction

Dressed in nothing but lacy blue lingerie, Octokuro struts down the stairs and sends a secretive smile towards Dean Van Damme, who’s busy reading over a document. Settling on the pink couch, the busty redhead starts to tease herself by caressing her curves and massaging her bare feet. Wanting to catch her busy partner’s interest, Octokuro self-sucks on her toes and then wiggles them while moaning loud enough to be heard in the next room. Completely distracted, the tattooed man approaches her and takes over, pressing the wrinkled pads of her feet against his face and savoring the natural scent. Things quickly escalate as they begin acting on their desires. Dean sucks and licks Octokuro’s long toes, shrimping them with passion, and even tries to fit all of the digits on one foot into his mouth. The curvy babe starts pressing her soles against the man’s hardening member before joining in on worshiping her feet by self-sucking on them. Stripping off her clothes, she watches as he licks the sides of her feet before diving in between her legs to give her shaved pussy a licking. Octokuro delivers a footjob while her clit gets rubbed, sliding her toes up and down the shaft to make Dean as hard as he can be. The tattooed diva does not hesitate to slide down his hard cock, riding him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl to satisfy the intense need to be fucked. Her pierced nipples bounce with every thrust in spoons, her toes stretching and curling in pleasure as her pussy and clit get Dean’s full attention. They continue to fuck in doggystyle after Octokuro gives her partner another footjob, filling the room with the sounds of their bodies enjoying each other. Close to cumming, the tattooed gent pulls out and spills his cum all over the soft soles of her feet. Love Her Boobs video starring Octokuro and Dean Van Damme. (Video duration: 34:19)

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