Ohana Petite in This Happened On Valentine's Day

Ohana Petite VR has just started her second semester at college. Things are going pretty well, with one exception. She is struggling in her English class in large part because she can’t stop staring at her professor and fantasizing about him. All she can do during class is daydream about him fucking her and it is driving her grades down. She decides that she has to do something about her feelings before they drive her crazy and she flunks out of college. When she shows up at the professor’s house with a balloon and a teddy bear, she thinks she is being cute and special. He has several other gifts from students and is not impressed. There is something she can do to make him happy, however. He orders her to her knees and she happily opens her mouth to get face fucked by her dominant professor. His big meat makes her gag, but he is impressed enough to ask her for more. Lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties she feels his dick enter her body and starts to push back. He is even better in person than in her VR porn fantasies. After stripping her out of all of her clothes, he spreads her legs wide and fucks her deeper than any lover ever has. His cock is the perfect size for her to ride to multiple climaxes until she nearly passes out from pleasure and sexual exhaustion. He promises her she will pass his class on one condition. All she has to do is eat his load like a good coed slut. Ohana agrees to eat it today and every week all semester. Her grades are going to improve and her dirty dreams have come true. (Video duration: 39 min)

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