Simon Kay in JOI Foot Tease with Simon Kitty

Anyone with black hair and porcelain skin looks like a goddess. Just like Simon Kay (a.k.a. Simon Kitty), who takes the credit for a woman with the most magnetizing eyes, she sits around with her luscious body preparing for a feet-ravishing session. Simon never fails to show off her best features, like her skin and eyes, by wearing violet lingerie to make them prominent. The ravenette’s gaze is enough to leave any man starstruck and weak, as she has the eyes of a wolf who yearns to devour her prey. Her clean and long toes, painted cherry red, are great to use to rub against a hardened cock. Simon rubs her feet together while wiggling her toes. She then uses her dainty hands to glide down from her feet towards her knees, making her look more irresistible to fuck. As she gets hornier, she sits in a way that shows her firm ass before teasingly striping off her bra while leaving her thongs on. The way Simon grabs her jiggly big tits while maintaining her hungry gaze, one can easily tell that she’s a natural in the art of seduction. No man can resist the urge to do unimaginable things to her on that couch where she sits. The fox-eyed babe sits back down to show off her feet once again, then proceeds to rub her feet together. She rubs them while arching her feet, showing her nail polish. To make it more enticing, Simon wiggles her toes while keeping the gaze of seduction on her imaginary lover. The busty darling’s hands alone are enough to make a man cum, but imagining her feet giving a stiff dick a footjob and covered in thick cum is a sight for sore eyes. Simon deserves a man who will do anything to give her sensual fucking and a man who is good at finding ways to pleasure her by using her holes and perfectly structured feet. (Video duration: 05:17)

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