River Lynn in Boffing The Babysitter #28 - River Lynn & Ryan Mclane

Ryan McLane is in hot water with his wife, who is convinced that Ryan’s been boffing their babysitter, River Lynn. This frustrates Ryan deeply, who has never even THOUGHT of doing something so disgusting as to cheat on his beloved wife. Regardless, his wife is convinced, and she wants Ryan to fire River ASAP. Unbeknownst to Ryan, however, River overheard everything… And as Ryan goes to take a shower, she hatches a plan that is sure to solve Ryan’s problem while also satisfying his deepest cravings. When Ryan comes out of the shower, he is shocked to see River lying tantalizingly on his bed, beckoning him to come and fuck her. Ryan can hardly believe his ears, and resists the temptation, but that’s when River makes him a startling proposition. Since his wife already thinks they’re fucking, why don’t they actually have sex.. and then Ryan can just fire her after? His wife will be happy that she’s gone, and the both of them will finally get to have a little fun under the sheets… Devil’s Film video starring Ryan Mclane and River Lynn. (Video duration: 37:58)

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