Sawyer Cassidy in See Peter King Fuck

We’ve got another one of those double debut things today, as NYC native Peter King and skinny Latina Sawyer Cassidy are both making their debuts on See HM Fuck here today. After our newest director, Scott Trainor, conducts the interview portion of the program, Peter stands, and Sawyer assists HIM in getting naked, followed by lubing HIM up and making sure that big girthy prick is ready for action. Sawyer sniffs and licks both of Peter’s hairy armpits before asking HIM to sit so she can lick and suck on his socked and bare feet. Next up is the ass-eating, as Sawyer rims and tongues HIM while Peter sits on her face, with HIM spread-eagle, in a rusty trombone, and finally with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The two then trade the customary oral treats, as first Peter goes down on her, followed by Sawyer sucking and gagging on HIM. Finally, we get to the fucking, as Sawyer takes all of HIM via the amazon, in a front and backward piledriver, doggystyle and missionary, until Peter pulls out and cums on her pretty little face. We caught up with our newest HIM in the shower after… Until the next HM! {{HUGS}}Greenguy See Him Fuck video featuring: Peter King, Sawyer Cassidy. (Video duration: 55:20)

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