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Ara Mix is very frustrated. She is a very pretty girl who is quite popular on her college campus. In addition to the regular sex she gets from her man suitors, she enjoys a vigorous solo sex life at home. Her happy routine has been interrupted by houseguests. Her grandparents came for the holidays and have extended their stay. At her mother’s insistence, that means that her social life has been curtailed. Not only that, but their constant presence has even prevented Ara from getting herself off. After a few days of this, she is horny as can be and dying for some relief. Since there is no way for her to get privacy, she waits until her grandparents are busy doing a puzzle with her stepbrother and put on slutty lingerie. It isn’t going to be enough to just masturbate. She is going to tease him with a super hot show just a few feet away from their unsuspecting grandparents. Having a set of horny eyes on her as she rubs her nipples is a huge turn on and Ara can already feel her pussy dripping. She can see from the lump in his pants that even her stepbrother is turned on by the naughty display she is putting on. He can look, but he can’t touch her as her fingers rub up and down the outside of her lips, teasing them both before she finally slides them in. Just as she is about to cum, they nearly get caught. Her stepbrother distracts their grandparents so she can get herself off properly. (Video duration: 10:51)

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