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Megan Love has been getting into a lot of trouble in college this semester. Staying out all night, partying and letting her grades slip. Her mother has had enough and punishes the blonde teen by grounding her. She can’t leave the house for two weeks. During this time, her mother has to leave for business and Megan’s stepfather is left to enforce the confinement. With a big party happening, she wants to find a way to make sure that her stepfather lets her go out. Megan decides that she can make him feel uncomfortable by walking around the house nearly naked. Then he will have to let her go to avoid feeling uneasy. It seems like a great plan, but he doesn’t react the way she expected. Instead of getting embarrassed and sending her away, he stares at her tiny tits in a way that tells her there may be another plan to get what she wants. If he likes what he sees, she will show him more. All he has to do is let her go to the party when her little show is finished. That seems like a good deal to him so he sits back and takes his cock out of his pants. Megan knows what to do from here as she bends over and spreads her cheeks to show off her tight little holes. He clearly enjoys the show based on how hard he is pumping his throbbing prick. She spreads her legs wide and starts rubbing her pussy thinking of the hot guys she is going to meet at the party. She might just bring one home. Maybe her stepdad would like watching her fuck and suck for real. (Video duration: 10:33)

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