Melody Marks and Penny Barber in Family Boxing Day

Melody Marks did not expect to spend this Christmas alone with her stepbrother. Their stepparents went on a trip, and now they have to entertain themselves. Maybe gifts set by the fireplace will somehow fix this awkward evening? And Melody couldn’t imagine that her stepbrother’s present is trendy lace lingerie. Only someone special could choose such a gift. Melody looked at stepbro with new eyes. Such attention is what attracts her in men. She decides to try on the lingerie to show the guy how it highlights her breast. Melody feels so amazing that she asks the stepbrother to touch her breasts. Such a request makes him shy but horny at the same time. He gently puts his hand on his stepsister’s tits and they slowly begin to kiss. After feeling stepbrother’s hard cock touching her body, Melody could not deny herself the pleasure of licking his sweet lollipop and then trying it with her wet pussy. But it wasn’t the last Christmas surprise. At that moment, Penny Barber was returning home with her husband in the Santa costume. They changed the tickets in order to surprise their stepchildren. However, they were very embarrassed by the strange noise coming from the room. But what they saw shocked them more. Their stepdaughter was riding their stepson’s dick. The stepfather already wanted to to interfere, but Penny Barber convinced him that this would only exacerbate the situation. They need to stop being so conservative and learn to live the moment. That’s why the stepmother decides to fulfill her old dream – to fuck Santa. She gets down on her knees, takes out her husband’s cock and begins to polish his giant shaft. And that’s exactly when their stepdaughter has already spotted them in the mirror reflection. She starts to panic because stepparents weren’t supposed to arrive yet. The stepmother calms her down and says that now is the time for everyone to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere. After that, Penny starts caressing her stepson’s dick, and Melody is already playing with her stepfather’s cock. The evening is getting hotter and hotter. So, it’s true, that Christmas is the most family holiday. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Melody Marks and Penny Barber. (Video duration: 58:06)

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