Aliska Dark and Bella Gray in Aliska Dark For OnlyTarts

Aliska Dark has had a secret crush on her best friend Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey) for a long time. Unsure of how her friend will react, she has kept these feelings hidden rather than risk losing her. As the feelings grow stronger, she becomes desperate and decides that has to try something crazy. She invites Bella over and shows her a box of things she found in her stepfather’s room. They open it and find bondage gear and sexy clothes. Aliska convinces Bella to try some of the items. It seems like harmless fun and by the time Bella realizes that she is bound, gagged, and unable to move, Aliska has her where she wants her. She tells Bella about her crush and that she doesn’t expect the same feelings in return. However, seeing Bella tied up is making her horny and she decides she has to at least get off with her friend in the room once. She spreads her legs and pulls her panties to the side to give her fingers full access to her horny pussy. Bella is struggling against the gag, but also staring right at Aliska’s wet pussy lips. She has never seen another girl masturbate and is getting turned on watching her friend moan and fuck herself. Seeing Bella tied up watching her is making Aliska even hornier. What she doesn’t know is that Bella is moaning into the gag, begging her friend to let her loose so she can join the fun. That will have to wait because Aliska is to the point of no return and cumming all over her fingers while she watches her friend staring at her. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Aliska Dark and Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey). (Video duration: 10:25)

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