Lia Lin in I'm Worse Than You Think

Lia Lin is a very successful college student with a serious problem. She has always been a good girl. Perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect girlfriend, not a flaw in sight. On the inside though, she sees herself differently. While the world sees her as smart, shy, and innocent, her thoughts and desires make her feel wild, aggressive and slutty. Getting brave one day, she reveals these feelings to her therapist who is shocked. Even he could not guess that his sweet and pure patient is hiding a dark, slutty side. He asks her to elaborate, but Lia decides that showing him will be better than telling. Moments after leaving his office, she returns in a tiny pair of shorts, fishnet stockings with matching gloves, and a top that barely covers her tiny tits. Her hair and makeup match her new look and she is completely transformed into a perfect slutty fuckdoll. She could see the shock on his face and loved it. This is just the kind of attention she craves when she dresses up like this. Knowing that he is a professional and wants to resist only turns her on more. Leaping at the chance when she sees his cock growing in his pants, she has him in her mouth before he can even tell her how wrong it is for him to do this with one of his patients. Behaving in a way that matches her clothes makes Lia feel free and horny. She knows she sucks his cock better than his wife and is just as confident that her pussy is twice as tight. He no longer cares if it is wrong or not. He loves fucking her wet, slutty hole and is about to fill her with jizz when she begs him to cum on her face. No one would ever believe that such a shy girl can be such a slut. He promises to keep her secret if she comes back for therapy once a week. (Video duration: 45:50)

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