Octokuro in You're Too Good For This Job

Octokuro loves her new job. She works for a great VR company, is well compensated, and knows if she can stay with the company, it will lead to great success. The trouble is, she has made a huge mistake on an important account. It could easily cost her job, so she is understandably worried when the boss calls her into his office. Unsure of what her punishment will be, she is surprised when instead of firing her, the boss orders her to come to his home and clean. When she arrives, he makes her put on a maid uniform that can barely contain her massive breasts. She knows what he wants, but is so happy to still have a job that she agrees to do anything he wants. He watches her clean but wants to see her out of her uniform. She shows him her huge tits and lets him put his hands on her throat while reminding her that her job depends on how well she pleases him. He takes out his cock and it is bigger than any she has ever seen. No matter, she knows she has to suck it well if she wants to keep her job. He is pleased with her efforts but demands more. She bends over and gasps as his big rod fills her from behind. She is sorry she made a mistake, but very happy with how he is punishing her. He loves the way her pussy feels and how well his dick fits between her big tits. He put her on her knees to shoot a big load all over her face. Octokuro’s job is safe. In fact, she has a new one. She is now the boss’ personal maid and VR porn fuck toy. (Video duration: 42 min)

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