Ariana Cortez in French Girl

New neighbors have moved into your building. You have been so busy, that you have not properly introduced yourself, but the family seems nice enough. They seem to only speak French, which could make introductions awkward. The couple seems to be quite busy with the move and work and they have a college-aged daughter living with them as well. One afternoon you hear the bell. When you answer the door you see the daughter, Ariana Cortez. She smiles and lets herself in, saying something French that you don’t understand. She looks amazing in a short skirt and cut-off top that exposes enough flesh to make you blush. She can tell you like what you see and shows you more immediately. When she pulls up her top to expose her perky titties you know that she came over for more than just a simple introduction. You take a step towards her, but she stops you with a shake of her head. No touching apparently, but she responds by getting into bed and taking off more clothes. So it’s to be a VR porn show only? Not a bad deal from where you are standing. Sprawling out on your bed, she slips out of everything other than her socks and shoes and spreads her long legs. You get to watch her taboo VR play with her tight pussy and hear her moaning while she nods at your crotch. She wants to see your cock. Wants to watch you stroke it for her. It would be neighborly for you to refuse and you soon have your throbbing tool in your hand while her fingers slide in and out of her body. It is a race to see who cums first, but in this race, you both win. (Video duration: 10 min)

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