Sandralyd in ASMR Basics With Sandralyd

You haven’t seen your classmate Sandralyd in a while. She has missed a few classes and your weekly study sessions. Worried she might be sick, you stop by her place to check up on her. Instead of finding her under the weather, she greets you with a smile. She is just fine but has been super busy with her new online VR porn business venture. She has been making ASMR content and selling it to guys on the web. You are confused but also distracted by how good she looks in a short summer dress. She starts explaining what ASMR is and decides to give you a demonstration. You watch as she unwraps a lollipop and licks the sweet candy close to the microphone. The whole thing seems odd, but your cock gets hard nonetheless. Sandralyd can see your arousal and finds it fun to tease you a bit. She knows you have had a crush on her and decides to go with it a bit. She explains that the ASMR stuff always makes her horny and a little frustrated. She always wonders if the guys listening to her recordings are stroking their dicks thinking of her. Since he seems turned on too, maybe you can play together. No touching of course, but if you want to watch her play with her pussy, she is happy to see you jerk your dick off for her. You are not about to say no, especially when she strips down to nothing and starts touching herself. You pump yourself while her fingers slide in and out. The VR porn show looks even better than it sounded and you find yourself in a race with the pretty brunette to see who cums first and who cums hardest. Either way, you are more than happy. (Video duration: 24 min)

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