Liv Revamped in Prank Wars With Stepsis

Liv’s stepbrother has a crush on her and she knows it. She loves teasing you by running around the house in sexy little outfits. Liv knows you can’t stop staring at her ass in her tight shorts. She has even seen your boner in your pants and is pretty impressed by the size. You can’t do anything about it, so instead you like playing pranks on her. In this taboo VR porn episode, you bring her a can of nuts and offer her a snack. When she opens the can, a fake cock pops out and you almost fall down laughing. Not about to let you win, Liv turns your prank around on you. Licking the tip of the fake cock, she watches to see if you get hard. Liv smiles seeing the bulge, but is shocked when you whip your dick out and show her just how much her teasing has turned you on. Prank time is over. Your cock is no joke and wants a taste. She gets on her knees and has him down her throat before either of you can even consider what will happen if you get caught. For you, this is a dream come true, for Liv it is a lot more VR porn fun than playing pranks. She bends over on the stool and feels you slide your big cock right into her tight hole. Your big dick fills her up and she can tell by how you fuck her that you have wanted this for a long time. She feels herself getting wetter and wetter and doesn’t want you to stop. Riding your dick she feels it explode inside of her. You may both have a prank to share with your parents in a few months, but neither of you care. VR porn featuring: Liv Revamped. (Video duration: 41 min)

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