Leo Ahsoka in Fruit That Can't Hide It

With college classes starting in a few days, Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica) wants to spend some time enjoying the sun. She puts on her favorite bikini, which she bought after watching some taboo VR porn movies, and tries to relax in the backyard. No matter how she tries to relax, she cannot help but notice her stepbrother watching her. Since you can’t hide your rude staring, she decides to distract you with a task and asks you to bring her some watermelon so you can enjoy a snack. You agree but come back naked, with only the melon hiding your dick. She can’t believe how rude you are, but gets a good look at your meat and changes her mind quickly. Why say no to such a big beautiful cock? As she sucks all the sweet juices off of it, Leo Ahsoka (a.k.a. Jadilica) wonders if the cream inside is just as tasty. She isn’t about to try it without feeling it inside of her pussy first. Bending over she pushes back as you slip inch after throbbing inch into her quivering lips. You fuck better than the guys on campus and she can tell you must have been holding these feelings in for a while. The fear of getting caught only makes her hornier as she feels an intense orgasm building. She throws her legs up in the air and screams for you to fuck her harder. You do so happily but pull out, asking to cum on her face. She teases you with her tongue but gets on top instead. She pumps her hips and doesn’t stop until you unload your cream deep inside of her pussy. This was a little more than you bargained for, but your slutty stepsister wanted to end the summer with a bang. (Video duration: 36 min)

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