Barbie Reyes in Ice Lolly Are for Summer

It’s a hot day and Barbie Reyes (a.k.a. Barbie Rous) is eating an ice lolly in front of you. She is licking it, introducing it inside her mouth… watching her like this is turning you on. She notices your erection so she unbuttons her shirt and looks at you while she touches her boob and pinch her nipple. She undresses and opens her legs so she can masturbate in front of you while she keeps licking the ice-cream. She wants to tease you with her moans and her body! After this foreplay, she kneels in front of you and you start touching her boobs: you desire her! Then, she gives you a blowjob right before she sits on you and start moving her body in cowgirl-style to give you pleasure. It’s time to take the lead. You take her and fuck her in missionary and doggy position, among others. The way she moves, the way she moans and the way she dirty speaks in Spanish turns you on even more. At the end, she masturbates you until you cum, because as she says, she wants to lick and eat all your cum. VR Porn video starring Tommy Cabrio and Barbie Reyes (a.k.a. Barbie Rous). (Video duration: 36:57 min)

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