Merida Sat in A Guardian's Love

Parents only want what’s best for their children, even if they’re not related by blood. Aaron Rock calls his stepdaughter, Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida), to his office with the best intentions in mind. The tattooed blonde arrives, and they start chatting. He thinks that Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida)’s adult content account may affect her future, so Aaron wants to discuss it with her. His worries subside seeing how the naughty girl says she loves what she’s doing, and while they converse, the man can’t help but look at her body- specifically her natural tits. The beauty is wearing a snug pink dress, so her lovely boobs and round ass are a lot more noticeable. Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) notices her stepfather’s gaze and decides to tease him. She takes his hands and makes him touch her soft juggs. Although reluctant at first, the lucky man eventually gives in, pinching and sucking her perky nipples which causes the naughty blonde to smile triumphantly. Aaron then gets behind her and continues to play with her melons before proceeding to finger her shaved pussy. After receiving an amazing boob worship, Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) strips her clothes under the lustful gaze of her guardian. The horny couple continues to please each other with pussy licking, blowjob, and tittyfuck. Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) tries and fails to control her moans as she rides her stepfather in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. He tittyfucks her again after watching the inked beauty’s big boobs bounce as she moves on top of him. After that, they continue to fuck in spoons, and it seems like the man can’t get enough of his stepdaughter’s big tits because he rubs his cock in between them for the third time. He proceeds to pound her wet hole in missionary and makes sure to stretch her pussy to the fullest. The burly guy pulls out when he feels that he’s about to cum and lets Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) give him a handjob. The gorgeous blonde pumps the huge length until cum shoots all over her funbags. Love Her Boobs video starring Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) and Aaron Rock. (Video duration: 40:37)

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