Canela Skin in Your Private Foot Fetish Tease Queen

With her juicy, perky ass swaying back and forth in your face, you can’t hep but gaze from her plump booty down her sexy tan thighs to her gorgeous sexy feet. She teases you with a sexy pout, showing off her big glossy lips as she presses her ass right in your face. Her pink toenail polish shines in the light, matching her long pink fingernails she uses to unstrap her sexy black heels. Showing you her soft tan soles, Canela rubs her feet together, putting her fingers in between those sumptuous sexy toes. You can practically taste them in your mouth as she points each big toe right in your face, making you feel like you are right there in the room with her. She rubs her sexy soles and gorgeous sexy thighs as she gives you a peek of her perfect tan pussy. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Canela expertly rubs lotion all over her tan sexy toes and feet, making them lubed up so she can rub her pussy with the back of her soft, sexy soles. Right when she can’t take it anymore, her man shoes up to shove those sexy toes into his mouth, showing off some serious toe-sucking skills, taking her whole foot into his mouth as he pleases. Fucking her tight, wet pussy with her feet in his face, Canela moans with pleasure showing us just how much this dirty little foot slut loves having foot sex. Canela truly represents all that it takes to be your private foot fetish tease queen… Love Her Boobs video starring Canela Skin and Thomas Stone. (Video duration: 49:52)

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