Nesty in The secretary's feet

Finally I have a job that I really like. I’m working as a personal assistant for my boss Renato who is a very successful architect. Most days we work out of his beautiful home office. He’s really charming and lately I noticed him checking me out more often with special attention to my legs and feet. Honestly I have to admit it really turns me on. The only problem is that he’s married and his wife works for the same company. But once I knew his wife will be out of town for a few days, I also knew I won’t be able to resist any longer. So as soon she stepped out of the house, I went upstairs and stripped off my office clothes to reveal only my sexy black lingerie. Renato was sitting at his desk when I walked in. He looked at me with awe. I kicked off my shoes, sat on the desk, and flaunted my sexy feet in front of his face. It was obvious that he was eager to deeply suck on my toes. So I let him. He was so into my feet, it was such a turn on. I smothered his face with my sexy soft soles then took out his rock hard cock and wrapped my toes around it. I could feel his dick throbbing as I massaged it with my soft soles. He ate my pussy and fingered me so good I couldn’t hold it any longer and came in his mouth. Then he slid his hard cock into my juicy pussy and fucked me while sucking on my slutty feet and toes. He bent me over and fucked me with my soles up and even spooned me so my sexy feet would cuddle his balls. At the end he shot all his thick warm load all over my feet and toes. Cum on feet is so hot! Hope his wife stays away for a few days… Love Her Boobs video starring Nesty and Renato. (Video duration: 46:45)

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