Jennie Rose and Nicole Doshi in The Best of Friends

Partying with friends is always the best, especially when there’s a deeper connection between them that is more than platonic. Gal pals Nicole Doshi and Jennie Rose (a.k.a. Jennie Rose Sins) spent most of the night partying and thought of going home together once the day broke. They strut down towards Nicole’s house and go into the kitchen, where they chat about the party and how the men weren’t courteous enough towards them. They agreed that women are preferable since it’ll be easier to convey their desires, and the tension between the beautiful babes seems to get heavier. With a smile on her lips, Jennie does not hesitate to say yes when the other invites her to be housemates and seals the deal with a kiss. They decide to move their steamy activity to the living room. Nicole kneels on the floor to take off her friend’s red bottom pumps and begins to give her feet the worshiping they deserve. She wraps her lips around the red pedicured toes, letting her saliva dribble out and fitting them into her mouth. The young gorgeous babe sucks and licks the dainty feet until she’s satisfied and sits back to watch Jennie grace her with the same treatment. On her knees, Jennie bares her tits and takes the other gal’s French-tipped pedicured feet to caress and tease them before getting busy with foot worshiping. With both feet-loving darlings, Nicole and Jennie, on the couch and their black dresses rolled to be out of the way, the two Asian darlings brush either foot against each other’s shaved pussies, teasing the clit and slits until they’re wet and throbbing. Taking out a vibrating wand, Nicole and Jennie take turns pleasuring each other while they continue to give each other’s feet the much-needed attention. Needing more stimulation, they play around with a double-ended dildo, fucking each other in missionary and prone bone until they’re completely satiated. Love Her Boobs video starring Jennie Rose (a.k.a. Jennie Rose Sins) and Nicole Doshi. (Video duration: 49:00)

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