Tiffany Fox and Vic Marie in The Draft 2: You've Got My Vote!

The Draft 2 (Part 1 of 3): It’s time for another year of fantasy football, and this season, things are as hot as ever! Nade surprises the rest of the draft crew when he reveals his stepsister, Slimthick, is looking to join their fantasy league. Not surprisingly, Tiffany, Jimmy, Joey, and Nicky are not into the idea and huddle together to plan against adding her. But Slimthick is cunning and uses her natural allure to snag Logan’s vote. And she doesn’t stop there – Slimthick reels in Tiffany and Jimmy’s vote by using her unrivaled sexual prowess. It looks like this season of the Draft is shaping up to be unforgettable! TeamSkeet video starring Tiffany Fox and Vic Marie (a.k.a. Slimthick Vic).

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