Ciel Tokyo in Dr Dick Comes To Help

Ciel Tokyo VR is nervous. Her family has moved to a new country and she misses Japan. On the day before she is to start classes at her new college, her parents have called a doctor in to give her an exam. He can see right away that she is very anxious and seems less than happy about her new life. Wanting to soothe her nerves, he assures her that everything will be OK as he begins his exam. Her college sweater is too thick for him to check her heart, so she has to lift it so he can check her out. Embarrassed that her huge nipples are hard from his touch, she starts to whimper. The doctor has her remove her panties. It is time to examine her pussy and she is ashamed of how wet it is. He takes out his cock and tells her that it is OK to be aroused. He certainly is. Ciel is not a virgin, but she has never seen anything this big before and is worried that it might not fit. He assures her that it will, but it needs to be good and wet before he puts it in. In this dark VR porn episode, Ciel does her best to fit it all into her mouth and licks it until it shines with her spit. Now it will fit just fine. The doctor makes sure she can feel every stroke from behind as he fills her tight hole. He can feel the way her body responds and reminds her that this is a good sign. Everything is working as it should. He also compliments her on her tight pussy and says that she should be very popular on campus. Ciel isn’t sure what to do and is surprised when he lets her ride his cock until it explodes deep inside of her. (Video duration: 37 min)

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