Lia Lin and Marsianna Amoon in Ain't That Innocent

Once upon a time, there were two step sisters named Lia and Marsianna. Their parents had gone away on holiday, leaving the girls home alone with nothing to do but entertain themselves.Lia Lin decided to hit up the gym for a workout, leaving Marsianna Amoon to her own devices. When Lia returned home,she found the door locked, and she couldn’t get inside. Curiosity got the best of her, and she peeked in the windows to see what Marsianna was up to. Much to her surprise, she saw Marsianna masturbating, lost in pleasure and satisfaction. Lia was taken aback by what she saw, but she couldn’t help but be intrigued. She called out to Marsianna, and after a brief moment, her stepsister finally opened the door, acting as if nothing had happened. They talked for a bit, catching up on each other’s days, and then Lia decided to hit the shower. Afterward, the girls cuddled up to watch a movie. As they watched, they began to touch each other, but Lia quickly put a stop to it, knowing that they were step sisters,and she was still a virgin. However, Marsianna was persistent, wanting to show Lia the ways of kissing and licking.Slowly but surely, the girls found themselves lost in their passion and indulging in intense teen sex,thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. MixedX video starring Lia Lin and Marsianna Amoon. (Video duration: 36:11)

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