Millie Morgan in Tasty Breakfast

Most people find it annoying or guilt-inducing when couples fight because of them. However, this is not the case for Millie Morgan. The sexy tattooed blonde can’t hide her delight as she overhears her sister and her boyfriend having a little quarrel over the phone because of her. She feels pleased and horny while eavesdropping on their conversation. Unable to control herself, Millie starts teasing Lucas Frost while he is still on the phone with her sister. The naughty blonde plays with Lucas’ food on the table. Lucas tries his best to finish his phone conversation while visibly distracted by Millie’s antics. Lucas hangs up on his girlfriend. He tells her he needs to eat his breakfast. However, the bearded lad quickly shoves Millie’s toes into his mouth instead of the pastries on the plate. Millie lets out soft moans of pleasure as Lucas sucks her toes and licks her soles. Lucas lets the horny blonde suck his cock while he continues the sensual foot worship. After giving Lucas a blowjob, Millie lets the horny man fuck her mouth. The beautiful hottie gags hard as Lucas pushes his dick deep into her throat. Millie excitedly strips out of her denim jeans to show Lucas her pink pussy. Without wasting time, Lucas immediately gives Millie the pussy licking and rimming she deserves. He slides his cock between Millie’s feet before fucking her juicy pussy hard in missionary. Millie happily rides Lucas’ dick in soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while making out with him. Moans of delight fill the room as Lucas tirelessly slides his dick in and out of his girlfriend’s sister. He keeps fucking Millie’s pussy doggystyle until he feels like cumming. Millie strokes Lucas’ dick with her feet until he shoots his warm and sticky load all over her soles and toes. The creamy jizz makes her beautiful toes adorned with white French toenail polish look more beautiful and shinier. Love Her Boobs video starring Millie Morgan and Lucas Frost. (Video duration: 42:14)

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