Haley Reed and Kay Lovely in Roommate is a Lesbian

Even close friends have some secret that the other doesn’t know about. It is possible that it is not a secret at all, and the other person wasn’t able to connect the dots. Such a thing occurs between the two beautiful roomies, Kay Lovely and Haley Reed. Kay can’t help but rant as she hears Haley tell her about her disappointing date. To Kay’s surprise, her rant about men is not appropriate for the issue at hand. The beautiful blonde hottie can’t believe her slender friend is actually into girls. After knowing Haley is a lesbian, the first question in Kay’s mind is if she looks hot in her eyes. Kay shares her lesbian experiences with Haley. As the two beautiful girls talk, the atmosphere in the room heats up. Unable to control herself any longer, Haley stands and gives Kay a sensual kiss on the lips. Kay drops to her knees to focus more on Haley’s sexy feet. She takes off her roomie’s white sandal heels. Haley’s beautiful purple toenail polish looks great against Kay’s pinkish lips as the busty blonde gives her the foot worship she deserves. Kay licks every inch of Haley’s soles without hesitation. To return the favor, Haley does the same thing to Kay. The naughty girls take turns giving each other sloppy foot worship before focusing their attention on each other’s pussy. Haley licks Kay’s pussy before sliding her big toe inside her juicy pussy. Kay happily fits Haley’s and her own feet into her mouth before shoving her toes into Haley’s tight pussy. Kay keeps on sucking Haley’s feet while fingering her pussy until she squirts. The naughty girls continue their lesbian foot worship and pussy licking adventures. They make sure to give each other the toe-sucking and sole-licking they deserve. Looks of satisfaction and tiredness are on Kay’s and Haley’s faces as they continue to enjoy each other’s company on the couch. Love Her Boobs video starring Haley Reed and Kay Lovely. (Video duration: 51:04)

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