Maya Woulfe

Violet (Hazel Moore) is surprised when her secret girlfriend Amelia (Maya Woulfe) unexpectedly comes over. Amelia explains that her parents found out she’s a lesbian, and kicked her out. The girls don’t want Violet’s parents to find out that Violet is also a lesbian, so they sneak off to hide in Violet’s room. But on their way to Violet’s room, they run into Violet’s older sibling, Florence (Gizelle Blanco). Violet lies and says that Amelia is a friend from school who came over to study.Once Violet and Amelia are alone in Violet’s room, they discuss what they should do. Violet decides that Amelia can hide in her room for now, including setting up some bedding for Amelia in the closet so Violet’s family won’t find out. However, Florence is spying on Violet and Amelia through a crack in the door, watching them and listening to their conversation.Over the next few days, Florence spies on Violet’s room so she can keep gazing at Amelia, including ogling Amelia as she gets dressed after a shower. One day, Florence enters Violet’s room while Violet is away, and opens the closet to confront Amelia. Florence says that she knows Amelia’s been staying here, and says that she wants Amelia.Amelia is surprised to find out that Florence is also secretly a lesbian, but turns Florence down since she doesn’t want to betray Violet. But Florence gets petty and suggests that she might not keep Amelia’s secret anymore… which means that Violet would also be outed to her parents. Amelia desperately agrees to give Florence what she wants, as long as Violet never hears about it because it would break her heart.

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