Sawyer Cassidy in Teamwork Makes The DVP Dream Work

Do we here at See HM Fuck have a humdinger of an update for you today! Lovely Latina Sawyer Cassidy wanted to appear in her 1st double-vaginal scene, so we brought back BOTH James Angel AND Mazee (a.k.a. Mazee The Goat) for this week’s superterrific update. After our director, Johnny Robins, assists us in getting caught up with each of the 5-time HIMs, James and Mazee stand and quickly get naked, and Sawyer just had to plop each of those limp dicks into her mouth. She lubes both of them up and gives them a cross-armed handjob before sniffing each of their furry asscracks. Sawyer then smells and licks each of their hirsute armpits and suckles their nipples before the fellas take a seat so that she can get all freaky-deaky with their socked and bare feet. Next up is the ass-eating portion of the program, where Sawyer goes back and forth between each of their hairy assholes, rimming and tonguing them in a variety of your favorite positions. Mazee returns all the oral treats they’ve been receiving by going down on Sawyer, followed by the contractually obligated Row Row Row Your Boat double blowjob that is required in all BBG/MMF scenes (Google it!). The guys take turns fucking her pussy as she sucks the other guy’s cock or eats his ass, and then we get to the part you’ve all been waiting for: The Double Vag! Sawyer gets stretched to the MAX by riding each guy as the other shoves it in from behind. When the time is right, Sawyer gets on her knees so that Mazee and James can each cum on her pretty little face. We caught up with your two favorite HIMs in the shower afterward…Until the next HM! {{HUGS}}Greenguy See Him Fuck video featuring: James Angel, Mazee (a.k.a. Mazee The Goat), Sawyer Cassidy. (Video duration: 52:49)

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