Natasha Nice

Miss Richards (Natasha Nice) is a private investigator who’s vising Mr. Myrand (Lucky Fate), a popular art teacher who was discovered to have an illicit relationship with one of his students. Though the student was eighteen and claimed it was consensual, she has since been expelled and Mr. Myrand has been fired. Miss Richards has been tasked with probing both parties to ascertain whether or not they are hiding anything further. As Miss Richards asks Mr. Myrand a few questions, she detects some genuine remorse in him. He claims to have had true feelings for the student and is adamant that he wouldn’t have done anything if he wasn’t absolutely certain she was into him too. But Miss Richards senses that Mr. Myrand is hiding something, so she drills him deeper, eventually uncovering that he has a fascination with creampies and breeding fantasies. Miss Richards is intrigued and aroused by this development and proceeds to slowly seduce Mr. Myrand into living out his breeding fantasies with her, right then and there. Mr. Myrand is shocked, but when Miss Richards opens her legs and reveals her panties… he offers little resistance. As long as he doesn’t get into any more trouble with the media or the law, he’d be willing to show Miss Richards exactly what he did to the student. Hopefully, this will answer any lingering questions Miss Richards may be pondering… or it may breed even more questions when some shocking truths are finally revealed.

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