Ria Sunn in House Rules

Ria Sunn VR is worried because she knows that her neighbours constantly complain about her to her Landlord. She was not prepared for her Landlord to tell her coldly that he is terminating their rental agreement. This will leave her without a place to live in a matter of days. The gruff tone in his voice worries her and she watches him pull out a suitcase and start packing her things. She can’t be kicked out and begs him to please give her a chance. He stops packing and looks at her without a smile. There is a way she can keep the apartment, but only if she does exactly as he commands, without question. Of course she agrees, undressing slowly as he instructs. Ria can’t believe how quickly his cock gets hard while he looks at her exposed body. She knows what comes next and takes his meat out and slips her lips over the throbbing head. It has been a while since she has had sex and he is twice as big as her boyfriend so Ria finds herself anticipating what he has in mind next. He doesn’t waste much time showing her, turning her around as if she is his private VR slut and sliding the full length of his pole into her neglected hole. She has never had it so rough before, but likes it more than she ever imagined. Though she knows she is earning her rent with her body, she is also enjoying the best sex she has had in ages. She gets lost in the feeling and closes her eyes to cum on his cock. It feels so good that she doesn’t notice him shooting his load until it is too late and he has filled her with cream. Ria hopes that the rent money is the only thing that is late next month. (Video duration: 32 min)

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